Ross Castle Tower from outsideIn 1533 Richard Nugent, the 12th Baron of Delvin commenced the construction of a stronghold, which was to become known as the Castle of Ross. The tower was completed by him in 1537. The great hall and further extensions were finished by his grandson, the 13th Baron of Delvin in 1539.

1960 David Nugent started rebuilding the entire compound as a family estate in its present outline. At that time modern conveniences like heating and electricity were added to the building complex.

Three bedrooms are located in the old castle tower.

tower stairwayPlease be aware that access to these rooms is via a steep, spiral stair case. 

The following rooms are located in the tower

Three bedrooms are located on the ground floor wing of the Castle. They don't require stair access.

The following rooms are located on the ground floor:

In 2021 the newer part of the Castle was extended with a 2nd story. This extension offers one more bedroom (Bishop's Suite) and a very spacious living room / dining area. This page shows photos of all common areas.

Internet is available for guests via Wifi.